All NOXXON Spiegelmers* are discovered at NOXXON's research facilities using the in-house discovery platform that NOXXON has built up through internal investment and selective licensing of technology since its foundation.
NOXXON Technology
NOXXON identifies Spiegelmers using an in vitro evolutionary screening process called SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment).

  1. First, NOXXON chemically synthesizes the mirror image of the intended target
  2. Then, they select a mirror-image target-binding compound from its libraries containing approximately 1015 potential candidates through multiple rounds of selection and amplification
  3. They identify single compounds, called aptamers, which bind to the mirror-image target
  4. Finally, NOXXON chemically synthesizes the mirror image of the selected aptamer, i.e. the Spiegelmer. This Spiegelmer will then bind to the intended target while retaining all the binding properties of the selected aptamer