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2019, February 01
8:00 a.m.
New data published supporting monotherapy activity of CCL2 inhibitor NOX-E36 in an additional solid tumor type: liver cancer

2015, April 23Nature Communications Publications on the First X-ray Crystal Structures of Spiegelmers Bound to Protein Targets

2014, June 02NOXXONs Emapticap Pegol Study Selected for Late Breaking Clinical Trials Symposium during ERA-EDTA Conference

2014, April 04NOXXON presents Positive Results from Emapticap Pegol Phase IIa Diabetic Nephropathy Study

2013, July 24NOXXON Pharma Completes Patient Recruitment for Phase IIa Study in Diabetic Nephropathy

2012, June 19NOXXON Initiates Phase IIa of Spiegelmer NOX-E36 for Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy

2010, July 7NOXXON to initiate phase Ib clinical trial of MCP-1 inhibitor NOX-E36

2009, October 12NOXXON announces excellent preliminary phase I trial results for Spiegelmer NOX-E36

2009, June 8NOXXON Announces Initiation of First Clinical Trial with a Spiegelmer