NOXXON's proprietary technology generates compounds we refer to as Spiegelmers*, which are a new class of therapeutics designed to combine the benefits of small chemical molecules and biologicals.

NOXXON's proprietary technology offers a set of significant advantages over existing drug classes:

  • High affinity and specificity for targets with demonstrated sustained activity on chemokines in clinical trials
  • Can be manufactured chemically and do not require complex biological production processes
  • High bio-stability and immunologically passive
  • Good safety and tolerability profile based on results from┬ámore than 10 trials in over 300 human subjects

Spiegelmers use Mirror-image (L-stereoisomer) chemistry to build injectable oligonucleotide (RNA or DNA) therapeutics that directly bind and neutralize protein targets in the extracellular space.

NOXXON has established optimized production and quality control methods in-house and with partners for production in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP).