All of the Group’s proprietary product candidates were identified and synthesized through its Spiegelmer* drug discovery platform whose core focus is on improving cancer treatment by targeting the tumor microenvironment. NOXXON’s goal is to significantly enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatments including immuno-oncology approaches (such as immune checkpoint inhibitors) and current standards of care (such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy). NOXXON's focus is on developing its tumor microenvironment-targeting product candidates for use in oncology.

Its lead candidate, NOX-A12, is under development as a combination therapy for a number of cancer indications where its impact on the tumor microenvironment is intended to significantly enhance the effectiveness of anti-cancer treatments including immuno-oncology approaches such as immune checkpoint inhibition and current standards of care such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy without adding significant new side effects for patients.

In addition, NOXXON plans to position its 2nd clinical-stage candidate,  NOX-E36, in oncology because of its ability to target multiple tumor microenvironment chemokines that appear to be relevant to tumor evasion of the immune system. NOX-E36 has completed a Phase 1 clinical trial and a 2a for diabetic nephropathy with promising results.

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