Spiegelmers* are a new class of therapeutics designed to combine the benefits of small chemical molecules and biologicals such as antibodies.

Spiegelmers have high affinity, high specificity and high bio-stability. They have been administered to more than 300 human subjects with a good safety and tolerability profile.

Spiegelmers are a variant of a drug class called aptamers, which are based on DNA or RNA. Unlike aptamers synthesized using naturally occurring chemistry (D-stereoisomers), Spielgelmers are built on a backbone of 'mirror-image' RNA or DNA - L-stereoisomers. To think about this in another way, the mirror image chemistry can be compared to your left and right hand which are a mirror image of each other but have different characteristics like the location of the thumb, for example, which means they are used in a slightly different manner.

By leveraging this 'mirror-image chemistry', Spiegelmers solve two key problems that have limited the development of aptamer therapeutics. The L-stereochemistry gives Spiegelmers high stability in biological fluids since they are not recognized by naturally occurring enzymes that degrade DNA and RNA called nucleases. Spiegelmers are also immunologically passive.

Spiegelmers can be manufactured chemically and therefore do not require complex biological production processes and NOXXON has established optimized production and quality control methods in-house and with partners for production in accordance with good manufacturing practices.